Churchy & Fly🙌💯 #TheChurchSlayers January Edition

Who rocked it best ?

Hello folks,

The January edition of #TheChurchSlayers comes with spice as ladies and gentlemen all dressed nicely to church… oh we have siblings too 😎👌

See below the different shades of beauty that was received for the month of January.


This is how it goes. Go to our Instagram and Facebook page@Springers24. Check through the pictures received for the month and hit the like button on your favorite picture(s)

Also, drop a comment and mention your favourite slayers in the comment section herein.

The best pictures for the month – that is, pictures with the highest number of likes and mentions will get to win goodies from our Sponsors which include free photo shoot from a Top Lagos Photographer, Edison Studios plus incentives.

So… what are you waiting for?…. here we go 👇 

The Oloniijus ❤

Who is your best slayer ? comment below👇

Would you like to feature in the February Edition of the #TheChurchSlayers ? The rules are simple. Rock that native attire nicely to Church, pick a fine spot, smile to the camera, take a clear photograph of you and post to your Instagram and Facebook page tagging @Springers24 and using hashtag #TheChurchSlayers… Thats it!

If you would equally love to sponsor the February edition, please send us a mail 🙂

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