Diary Of A lover Girl: EPISODE 2

The moths are in sob

Hello again, I’m glad you’re here. Shall we dive into our gist? I’m sorry I may not be as excited as before though, now you’ll understand the moths in my stomach.

I was so infatuated. After the unplanned meeting between I and Michael that Saturday at my compound, I felt like I had finally found my prince charming. We had exchanged contacts, so we were always chatting. He always seemed to know what to say to make me smile. We seemed to enjoy each others company and it seemed quite natural to me when we became intimate.

I felt I had found the one, that I had it all, until it was time for me to swallow the bitter pill of truth. I was gravely mistaken to think I could make him solely mine; that I could make him an even better person for me. I would always go over to do his laundry, cook for him and keep his house in order. I would buy him whatever he wanted and ensured that I did all I could to make him happy.

I was happy doing all these and more until I noticed his disappearing acts. He would go for days without answering my calls or returning them. I would go over to his place and meet it locked. When he did come back, he’d not want to talk about it and I just went along because I was happy he had come back to me.
He’d usually would go a week without me being able to reach him, but it was almost 2 months now and I found it very hard to accept this reality. I reduced my tens of daily calls to him, I reduced my daily visits to his place and just concluded that he’d gone out of my life for good. It took me quite a while to get over this heartbreak, and I eventually did or so I thought.

It had been a few months since Michael disappeared and I had painfully accepted my reality. I resumed my usual routine from before I met Michael. I had just come in from work with a colleague on a very calm Thursday, when I saw a call come in. I stood frozen for a few seconds when I saw the name of the caller; Michael.
I noticed the weird look from my colleague as we both stared at my phone, I had to answer the call.
“Hello Michael” I had said and almost immediately he spoke.
“ I’m at your door, I need to talk to you” and the call ended abruptly.
I had so much emotions running through me that I couldn’t think straight. My colleague had asked what the problem was because he could see the uneasiness all over my face. I had to lie and told him to leave as I had an emergency matter to handle with my boyfriend.

I saw him off to the door as I ushered Michael in. Michael looked as the day I first met him and all the butterflies came back to my stomach, but there was a line of anger and disgust on his face.
“Who was that guy?” He demanded and “what did you tell him to cause him to look at me the way he just did?”
“He’s just a colleague from work, Michael. I told him you were my boyfriend and that he had to cut his visit short”.
And as I was going to ask about his well being I heard the most heartbreaking words I had heard in a very long time, with absolutely no opportunity to voice my feelings, he said almost yelling:
“ Boyfriend! Are you this gullible? Did I at any point ask to date you? Did I express such to you? We were bedmates, do you not get that? I came here to talk to a mature person, obviously I was wrong about the mature part!” He immediately stormed out and I was left confused and hurt all over again.

My dear reader, just thinking about this moment has brought up a well of tears in my heart and eyes. And to think that this isn’t the saddest part of my story. Join me soon on this emotional rollercoaster of a lover girl.

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