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Diary Of A Lover Girl: Episode 4

The good and the bad🤔

I spent days thinking. What was my choice? What exactly did I want? Why did I want this particular man? Why couldn’t I move on? I would go back to our previous chats from when we began our ‘situationship’. It always brought smiles to my heart and tears to my eyes.

Michael had been a very caring guy to me. He’d made me feel so comfortable and happy whenever we were together. He was always calm and understanding with me, he wasn’t really a bad guy. He was gentle, respectful, he always assisted me with my house chores even in the kitchen. I concluded him to be every woman’s dream; he definitely was my dream man. Every moment I shared with him meant a whole lot to me, such that I never wanted it to end.

How could I handle this dilemma I was at? It seemed like I had lead myself to this emotional mess. It wasn’t that he didn’t want me, he just didn’t want the relationship that I wanted. I thought I could try his wants out, make his wants my wants.

I called him over and to my surprise, he arrived very quickly as though he had been at my doorstep the whole time. He came in with this glow about him, his smile exposed those pearly whites of his that always melted my heart. He gazed at me with so much affection that I concluded he wanted me as much as I did him. He handed me a carrier bag containing my favourite meal from my favourite restaurant. He knew just how to make me happy.

We were eating and talking and laughing and it was like the dramas of the past few months hadn’t happened ever. He held me in his arms while we saw a movie together and I was so happy yet still very much confused. How could someone who was this way with me not what the go the whole nine yards?

My dear readers, if by any chance you found yourself in my shoes, what would you do? What decisions would you have made? Knowing what you know now about Michael and I, how would you react? Let me know your thoughts please, as we will surely read from each other next week right here on the dairy of a lover girl.


3 thoughts on “Diary Of A Lover Girl: Episode 4”

  1. Adeyemo K. A says:

    Love is a beautiful thing

    1. Mide says:

      It can just be so amazing 😍😍

  2. Obams says:

    It is a dilemma that requires careful consideration. Why not try another guy? Why wasting time on a ‘situationship’ that only leads to bed?

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