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Diary Of A Lover Girl: Episode 5

Dare to give in

I sat in silence trying to enjoy this moment I had been wanting for months. We talked more about casual topics with ease and even flirted a whole lot. I felt this deep longing; I didn’t want this moment to end, I wanted it to continue. It was obvious I had fallen head over heels for him. He had this thing about him that I couldn’t just place my finger on.

I just sat next to him and tried to focus on the TV program that was showing. I wandered off in deep thoughts that I didn’t notice when he turned on the football channel and saw that he was so engrossed in the game showing. His shouts of excitement and occasional yelling at the players or referee broke my deep thinking, but still I felt I had to sort out our issue here and now.

I felt good having him around and I wanted things to be so for as long as I could have; that was settled. He had been firm on his decision and he was right when he told me the ball was in my court. I think I should just play along, give in to what he’s asking. I’m still hopeful however, I still believe that he would realize how great we were together that he’d change his decision; perhaps he was scared about the whole dating concept. Whatever the case was, I don’t see how we wouldn’t end up living our happily ever after with each other. I had made up my mind, I would accept his decision for now, I just want to continue being happy with him.

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I didn’t realize that I’d been staring at him all this while not until he brought me back to earth with a kiss on my forehead. I mean who does all this if they didn’t want something real and serious. Anyways, I had made up my mind and it was time to say it out loud. After a brief but sensational kiss, I told him I had accepted for us to be bedmates. I couldn’t believe his excitement upon hearing this. Although I wasn’t so ecstatic about that, I was happy that he was happy.

My dear readers, you’d think that this was the beginning of my little happily ever after, but as sure as Michael was still in my life, the lover girl chronicles continue. Do join me next week.

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  1. Wow, this episode has nailed it all. I think the next episode would be more interesting to see how Michael would react to his girlfriend’s decision over this sensational moment! Nice article dear. Keep it up.

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