Essentials of good food

By Aronke Gold, Your Kitchen Buddie🍛👩‍🍳

The key to healthy living is healthy feeding and to eat well is to enjoy the variety of nutritious foods from each of the five food groups.

Foods are grouped together because they provide similar amounts of the key nutrients of that food group.

We eat to grow, we eat to live but we eat good food to glow and live a healthy life

An average human can go 21days without food and that type of person will obviously be looking sick/ unhealthy like the forgotten ones.

Most times, the reason we eat has less to do with sustenance but more to do with taste.

My people GOOD FOOD taste great🤭

However, food is to be consumed with moderation. It is only a glutton that eats everything he/she sees.

We eat for many reasons besides hunger. We eat for energy and for good health. The food we eat provide us with a range of nutrients. There are times when we choose a particular food because we like the way it taste, and as an adult it is better to teach yourself to love the taste of healthier foods.
By learning to enjoy the taste of eating right we choose food because we are fond of/obsessed with that particular food too.

We sometimes eat because of how it looks so we assume it will be delicious and we just want to have a taste, like the inviting look😋😳
Some people eat because of the cost, probably because it is cheaper e.g. concorsion rice but good food is not always cheap but not outrageous definitely.

People eat based on their mood,but since good food is usually attractive and delightful to behold, if you are in a bad mood, a good food can actually change that mood… like it changes mine several times 🤷🏾‍♀

We eat food to quench hunger but we eat good food to remain satisfied

Lastly, the secret of beauty sometimes isn’t what you wear or the cream you use, nor even the weather condition but what you eat, it is what you eat that brings out that hidden glow. No doubt, food is bae.

On my next session, I will be teaching on the how to prepare pepper soup . Tell your foodie friend about me so we can all take selfie 😊😊

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