Fun facts about kulikuli.

Kulikuli is a Nigerian crunchy and yummy snack that originated from the northern part of Nigeria.
It is traditionally made by the Hausa people, infact, it is a special snacks of the northerners and a favourite of the rest of the country.

It is made from groundnut, blended with other ingredients like onions and peppers etc before it is fried.  
I call it groundnut chips because of the crunchy part of it.  

BTW, ever tasted KuliKuli Alata before (pepper sauced kuli kuli) ?
It can be taken alone or with soaked garri (preferably Ijebu Garri) with a chilled water with or without sugar 👌

Basic requirements needed to prepare Kulikuli

Groundnut or Peanut preferably roasted, onions and peppers (cayenne pepper or hot pepper)  Blended ginger (optional) 
warm water.  

Blend the groundnut to a paste so the kuli does disintegrate while frying.
Spread the paste on a kitchen towel and squeeze out the oil.
Note: The more oil you squeeze out the crunchier your kuli kuli is.  
When the extraction is done, put the extracted thick paste in a bowl and add a little warm water to bring the mixture together, you can spice it up with pepper, fish or any sauce of your choice- then, cut the kulikuli into your preferred size and fry. You will do well with the crunches to get Garri, preferably Ijebu 👌 to complement the the Kulikuli with.

The amazing thing about kulikuli is that at the end of the frying, instead of you to be short of oil in the pan you will be surprised to have more oil because the more the kulikuli is frying, the more oil is let into the cooking oil from the groundnut paste.
That is to say if you want to consume groundnut without worrying about how much fat you are taking into your body kulikuli is an healthier alternative.

Nutritional  value

  • Calories.     450 kcal
  • Total Fat.    71.5 g
  • Saturated.    8.6 g
  • Cholesterol.  0 mg
  • Sodium.         865.4 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates.    22.3 g
  • Dietary Fiber.       15.7 g
  • Sugars.           5.4 g
  • Protein.          32.4 g

Did you know that the oil extracted from the finished kuli kuli has been proven to help fight cancer? 

Okay I need to get back to the kitchen to start frying my extracted groundnut paste… See you next week Thursday for another session of
foodie facts and recipes.

I remain your Number 1 kitchen buddy… Chef T👩‍🍳

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