Have You Met Toni Tones ?

Gbemi Anthonia Adefuye populary known as Toni Tones is a Nigerian Photographer, Actress and Singer who has appeared severally on TV and movies and hence known as a media personality in Nigeria.

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Toni Tones went to the University of Lancaster in the UK where she studied Marketing and Economics. When the course was complete she returned to Nigeria in 2009 where she explored her ambition for show business. Her parents had made sure that she finished college before she indulged her career of choice. Her brother had been a musician with the band Oxygen and Tones initially decided to be a show business photographer. Her portfolio caught the attention of D’banj’s reality show, Koko Mansion.[1] She has hence been consistence in Photography and also featured in Web TV series, “Gidi-culture”and several films including “Its Her Day” in 2016. She also starred in the movie “King of Boys” as the younger Eniola Salami which was premiered 21 October 2018.

She was recently interviewed by Independent.ng on which one she prefer between music and acting.

People always ask me that question, I can’t choose. If I could, I would have. I love both equally, so I’m doing both. Music is difficult though because it needs a lot of funding. Music is very expensive. Acting on the other hand is not, you act, you are paid, you go. With music, you have to look for funding and all that. It’s very expensive business until you get to that peak where you blow. That’s the downside of music.

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Toni Tones has been phenomenal and inspirational. Her ability to combine photography, acting and singing together is so amazing and to know she is fantastic at it calls for our interest. Thank you Toni tones for not giving up even when you have options of pursuing career in Marketing and Economics. Thank you for being amazing.

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