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Open Twitter Interview with the Strong Woman @AuntyAdah #AskWithSpringers24

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@Springers24:Pre-Interview interview @AuntyAdah What do you have to say to the 41% that wants to watch you goof?
@AuntyAdah: They will all be alright

Springers24: “A strong woman” What does this mean to you?
@AuntyAdah: I’ve basically been through a lot in life and so many things have happened/happening that is enough to stop me, deprive me of my happiness but they didn’t. Rather I became stronger

@OpeCareem: Are you in a relationship?
@AuntyAdah: I’d rather not speak

Springers24: What are you you most afraid of?
@AuntyAdah: Failure and losing another sibling.

Springers24: Never again in Jesus name
@AuntyAdah: Amen.    

@AuntyAdah: Amen.    
@Springers24: What has been your best moment this year (so far)
@AuntyAdah: The success of my mom’s surgery

@Macdonscoty: What does it take to drive massive followers to a Twitter account (real followers)?
@AuntyAdah: Consistency and real content

@OpeCareem: How do you differentiate between Fashion and Style?
@AuntyAdah: Style is a unique way a person wants to present themselves. Fashion is something in vogue.

@LeratokaYise: Nigerian women are known to have a conservative public image wants but your social media is the contrary you have a strong voice & very opinionated even with sensitive issues does this influence how people see in person?
@AuntyAdah: Yes it does kind of <3

@PopePiano: How much is currently in your bank account
@AuntyAdah: 500
@PopePiano: Behave
@AuntyAdah: Epp me
@Marketpalace: It much reach 2k oo cos I have a customized cap to sell
@AuntyAdah: @marketpalace Oya let’s talk inna dm

@estheronuosa: No questions, I just love you
@AuntyAdah: I love you darling

@Springers24: Sport car or SUV?
@AuntyAdah: SUV. Thank you

@Springers24: What is the funniest joke you know by heart?
@AuntyAdah: To be honest. I can’t remember any now but I’m laughing

@Odinaweruka: What’s your take on friends with benefits turned enemies?
@AuntyAdah: Lool really??? I’ve heard of friends with benefit turned enemies. What would make them hate or dislike themselves if feelings weren’t involved?

@Springers24: What is the worst nickname you’ve ever been given?
@AuntyAdah: Smally; Because of my stature compared to my younger siblings.

@Toke_Eji: What do you do for a living aside being an influencer? I love you
@AuntyAdah: I do a 5 – 6 in a private firm A makeup artist and a vocalist. I love you too

@Springers24: Scrabble or Chess
@AuntyAdah: Scrabble

@Springers24: Your friend’s partner is tested positive for HIV while she is negative. Would you advise her to break up or carry on?
@AuntyAdah: It’s her partner and her life. So, it is up to her

@Springers24: What do you do to calm yourself when you are angry?
@AuntyAdah: Listen to my favourite gospel singers (kiki break up and Kim Burrell)

@AuntyAdah: What do you think makes people stay in toxic relationship?
@AuntyAdah: Fear of being alone and starting all over again. (I don’t want to believe its love)

@Springers24: A married woman slept with another man to pay her kids school fees. How would you describe that? @AuntyAdah: Really ehn, I love to mind my business. I don’t know how to describe that

@MarketPalace: Why so beautiful
@AuntyAdah: Loool. I think this question is for God

@Teewo_95: What is something about life that people don’t appreciate as much as they should?
@AuntyAdah: Waking up, Going out and coming back safe

@Springers24: Big thanks to the strong woman, @AuntyAdah for your time and critical responses on #AskWithSpringers24 And to everyone that participated, thank you too We will do this again next week with another smart guest Stay amazing

@AuntyAdah: It was an amazing moment. Thank you

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3 thoughts on “Open Twitter Interview with the Strong Woman @AuntyAdah #AskWithSpringers24”

  1. Tomike Adeleke says:

    Aunty Adah sorry about all you went through. You are indeed strong and beautiful

  2. BryanRozay says:

    Your exact job is not clear. 5am-6am or 5am -6pm ? Could you pls expalin

  3. Ben Chan says:

    I love you already. Pls respond to your DM

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