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Open Twitter Interview With @Yeankhar Son Of A Praying Mother On #AskWithSpringers24

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Did you miss the twitter interview with Pope piano who calls himself the son of a praying mother? Well, you can catch up here.

Springers24: Do you sing in shower?
@Yeankhar: Award-winning shower artist… 1 have 5 mixtapes

@OpeCareem:can you break up with your girlfriend for $1million?
@yeankhar: No… Never… Can’t happen 😐😐

@Springers24: Since when have you been playing the Piano?
@Yeankhar: This question…. I started playing since Js3… But when I got to the Uni, I discovered that all I was playing was trash, so I had to re-learn… @MuzikalJaydon was my teacher back then

@Springers24: What is your biggest/weirdest fear?
Yeankhar: I don’t fear anything really, but then I don’t want my kids to have a broke dad 😂 😂
Springers24: Technically, you fear yo ur kids having broke dad
@Yeankhar: I guess. lol

@Omoakinspeaks : What’s it like to be your own boss? @Yeankhar: My clients are my Bosses. I can’t eat without them…. Having my own firm is challenging. I fill all the posts at the moment, from gateman to CEO, you can imagine the stress

@Macdonscoty:@yeankhar has there ever been any negative in regards to being a social influencer?
@Yeankhar: Yes. Most people think you have lots of money because you’re talking about brands on your page… But it’s not really true

Springers24: What is the best/worst purchase you’ve ever made?
@Yeankhar: *Best purchase: Got one baggy jeans in 2004, it was the real deal back then *Worst purchase: Got sneakers from a shop only to get home to see one was black the other was blue… I rocked them anyways.
*Worst purchase: Got sneakers from a shop only to get home to see one was black the other was blue… I rocked them anyways

@Damioladehin: What inspires you daily?
@Yeankhar: Excellence and success… I love seeing people achieve giant strides and I’m always inspired by them.

@Komptolla: Why do you enjoy stressing me?
@Yeankhar: You stress me more than I do you, guy @OpeCareem: Your first kiss happened when? Where? Time? With who? Who made the first move?
@Yeankhar: First kiss… It happened at motion ground, OAU, 2009 I think… I made the move o… Ah.
@Springers24: Badt guy. Got a shot of it ?
@Yeahkhar: Can’t see this question. Lol
@OpeCareem: U be Ekun na. And how is she now??
@Yeankhar: She’s married, with kids
@Opecareem: Amazing!

@Springers24: Ever inspire anyone to doing terrific stuffs?
@Yeankhar: A lady took an international exam in French (DALF) because I was her senior in French school… Her words were “If Yinka can know French, I’m smarter than him”… I believe I inspired her

@Springers24: What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?
@Yeankhar: As a kid, My mom actually made me believe that women get pregnant if they sleep beside a guy or even hug a guy

@Springers24: What is the biggest screw up in the kitchen?
@Yeankhar: Day I cooked rice, forgot to add salt and still got it burnt… Ate it like that anyway.

@Springers24: What would you do if you are at a sex club and you see your grandparents?
@Yeankhar: I’ll ignore them… It’s not me they saw. If they call me, I’ll deny knowing them and blame it on their old age. Lol

@Springers24: How do you get the best out of your client?
@Yeankhar: Patience. Put them in the “boss” position, give them that power and make your demands gently, pitching it as the best deal they can get anywhere. Don’t even make the gains about yourself, or at least don’t show it.

@Opecareem: How old are you gan sef? No twitter age o
@Yeankhar: I’m 23 years old
@Springers24: Same with Tobi Bakare… issokay
@Yeankhar: Loool

@_Harbie_: Have u ever been in love with 2 people?
@Yeankhar: Yes… Ah tough life. Not anymore sha… I’m married now.
@_Harbie_: Oh wow! Happy married life,may u never have eyes for another woman

@Testedceriouz: Have you at any point considerd being a stripper?
@Yeankhar: I don’t even know what a stripper means

@Springer24: Who are the three most important people to you?
@Yeankhar: Mom, Idara, Gold

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