Question: Is Messi overrated because he dribbles well?

No, Lionel Messi isn’t overrated.

His dribbling skills are unique and out of this world.

It looks like the ball is glued to this mans feet. Not only that, but he also has very good statistics year after year.

He currently has the most assists in world football, Finishing right above Mesut Özil, who is ranked with the 2nd most assists in football.

In reality, Messi is unstoppable, he does so much for Argentina, but the players he plays with can’t seem to keep their possession.

Meanwhile, FC Barcelona has players that are trained to keep possession and you could tell from the genius playing style of Barcelona.

Messi fits into that squad very well, he could dribble up, assist, score a goal, or make a sneaky pass. He is more comfortable with players who play like him, and doesn’t want Argentinians to blame him for all the losses. He even considered retiring from the Argentinian Nation Team after the fans blamed him for their loss against Chile in the Copa America final 2016. The reason they appear to blame him for the loss is because he was compared to Maradona many times. They always say that “Maradona won a World Cup for us, but Messi can’t.” They think that they don’t need to worry as long as they have Messi.

I mean he’s one player against a squad of 11 basically.

The only player who matches Messi’s skill and competence is C. Ronaldo, a renowned GOAT who has achieve feats by working really hard on his skill and wont stop at getting more of himself.

I think the world is blessed to have Both Messi and C. Ronaldo at the same time. And as their tenure is rounding up, young stars like Dybala and Mbappe seems to be up for another long term accolades. Players like Hazard, Neymar, Kane and Modric who ended the Ronaldo-Messi reign of the FIFA Best award are already on the queue.

Messi is a fantastic player who does magic with the ball and we love him like that.

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