The Church Slayers

Who is a Church slayer?

A fashion slayer is anyone who has the confidence to dress classy, and in an eye catching fashion.

A Church Slayer is anyone who dresses decently and yet, classy and alluring.

One would ask the question of why should we glorify people who dress nicely to church but in the real fact, why shouldn’t we ?

Who says we cannot slay and still be spiritual ?

Why are we doing this?

If the world can accept and applaud the people that slay in outfits to social events, why shouldnt we applaud and celebrate the people that decently rocked their fine outfit to church, afterall, it is their father’s house.

Remember Esther in the Bible, Beauty was part of the reasons why she was chosen as the King’s wife …. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

The Church Slayers initiative sees to celebrate the people who love to slay nicely to church and to also encourage many to do the same.

How to participate

Be it individual, or in group; take a fine picture of you, post to your social media page and tag @springers24 with the hashtag #TheChurchSlayers.

We compile all the pictures received at the end of each month and post on our social media page @springers24 and also include in a blog post for the church slayers of the month.


Pictures that appear to be taken at owanbe events and english outfits are not allowed for the Church Slayers as we encourage everyone to be creative and dynamic in their traditional outfit to Church. Click to see the Church slayers of September2018.

Goodies for slayingπŸ”₯πŸ€‘πŸ†

At the end of each month, the top church slayers will win goodies from our volunteer sponsors. Winners of the Church Slayer contest will be determined by number of likes on pictures posted on our springers24 social media page. Goodies to be won currently  includes free photo shoot, exotic perfumes and yards of Ankara material.

Check out our page @springers24 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get updates on how people slay to church every Sunday.

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