The Goodness Of Allium Cepa

The very first seed I ever planted was #Onion.
It’s was during agricultural science class, I guess I was in pry 3 or 4.
The Agric Teacher that year asked every students to pick a seed we’d like to do a plant.
The sharp mouthed students had already picked the common beans, corn and tomatoes that is quite easy.
When it was my turn to pick, out of the blue, I mentioned Onion. I sure didn’t have the idea of how grow an onion seed but I picked it anyway. ‘Very well’ said my teacher.
And then, we were given two weeks to submit the project, at whatever stage of the plant.
I got home that day, told my mum, she told me what to do and then gave me a small onion bulb.
It was like playing with sand (i didn’t do that shii though) I got a bowl, filled it with loamy soil, planted my onion, placed the bowl on the pavement in the veranda because of bad belle woman’s ruthless  goats. I water it every morning and watched it grow…. Trust me, it was fun for me.
My dear Onion got engaged recently, got gist see gist courtesy of @nutrition_naija…  Read interview below and i’m sure you would want to slice your onions like this 👇 and have it in your fridge so you can get to some bite every morning or kukuma make a smoothie outta it…
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ONION: Hey! Let me tell you something about me
OSOBISI: We know you make heartless people cry when they slice you.
IYEBIYE: We know most dishes depend on you for true flavor Mr vegetable.
ONION: So you don’t know that QUERCETIN is something unique you can find in me and QUERCETIN in me has potent antioxidants which fights free radicals in the body that are capable of causing cancer.
EBUBE: We can get antioxidants from oranges too so it’s nothing special.
ONION: You are right but QUERCETIN helps to fight stress as well. Cortisol, an hormone which the body produces during stress can cause damages if it’s in excess, that is why QUERCETIN is needed during prolonged stress. Eat me raw when next you are extremely stressed 😉
PRIBO: I heard onion combats hair loss and dandruff (I love this part 😁)
ONION: Yes you can apply my juice to your natural hair😆.
All the nutrients embedded in me are best gotten by eating me raw.dont mind the smell I leave on your breath..toothpaste and toothbrush would always be available… Ngwanu byee 👋👋
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