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The Stern and the cheerful market women

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There are two women on my street.

They both sell Pepper and Soup Ingredients.

One is light in complexion and slim.

The other one is dark in complexion and chubby.

Their stall is beside each other.

My younger sister and I were going back home,and decided to get Tomatoes and locust beans. Only the light complexioned woman displayed her wares that day. The chubby woman wasn’t around.

I made to stop in front of the light complexioned woman, without warning, my younger sister pulled me back by the hand. 
Puzzled, I looked at her,she signalled to me, to keep on moving.

When we got home,she started,

” I went to buy Pepper and Tomatoes when we just moved into this area. It was only that light complexioned woman I saw, displayed her wares that day. I bought stuffs of Two hundred Naira from her,and gave her Five hundred Naira Note, hoping to collect Three hundred Naira as change. That was how she threw the Five hundred note at me, shouting about not having change,about giving her Five hundred Naira Note on Monday Morning. If you see the way she behaved that day, you would think, I had a disagreement with her prior to that day. I went elsewhere to get the Tomatoes and avoided buying things from her since that day, and I started buying from the chubby woman that is right beside her.”

A Man Without a Smiling Face Must Not Open a Shop” “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”.

CHINESE proverb

This story  reminds us of the basics of customer service. Positive customer experience is impossible without friendly and helpful staff.

Now, this chubby woman is a cheerful person. She has a smile, a positive word, a word of endearment and a cheerful greeting for everyone that passes by her stall.

Her shop is like an unwinding place,while buying whatever you need to buy. People gravitate towards her shop, never unending,except when she closes for the day.

But this other light complexioned woman, If you see two people buying things from her, then, the chubby woman is not around,and they need It urgently.

In this light complexioned woman’s shop, you will see the poster of her church and various calendar showing Bible quotes. You will see her, holding Bible and praying Intermittently.
What’s she’s praying for or about, I don’t know, but you can never see people stop by her shop to get anything.

This is the truth of the matter; 
I believe so much In prayer. I believe that, the fervent and effectual prayer of the righteous man works valiantly; 

There are some things that doesn’t need endless hours of Prayer;

There are some things wisdom requires you to do.
There are some things that are expedient for you to do.
You are a trader, dealing with people and goods, you prayed for customers, they came, but your hostility and nagging drove them away,and you think God didn’t answer your prayer! He did, but you were not wise enough to sustain them with your character and attitude.
You need to work on It!

You crave for an opportunity to feature on an International platform, the local platform around you, how best are you maximizing It?

You desire an excellent man or a woman of substance as your life partner, what efforts are you making to be an excellent person yourself?
What opportunities are you harnessing around you?

What kind of self Improvement are you learning everyday?

The truth is, God is not lazy and he does not bring up lazy children!

Take responsibility for your Life!

” So, don’t lose a minute in building on what you’ve been given, complementing your basic faith with Good character, Spiritual Understanding, Alert Discipline, Passionate Patience, Reverent Wonder, Warm Friendliness, Generous Love……..” you might wanna google 2nd Peter 1:5 ( MSG)

May Our Head be Always Correct.

With Love,

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  1. P-4-Peter says:

    Deep. Great post, something learnt. Thanks Tayelolu

  2. Taiwo Alawode says:

    Thank you very much for this.
    I really appreciate It.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Insightful… more inspiration…

  4. Dami says:

    Full of wisdom. More oil to your ink

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