What are things that husbands don’t know about their wives?

Most men don’t seem to realize that when a woman is complaining to them about something she’s not happy about in the relationship (something specifically between the 2 of them), IT’S A BIG DEAL to her.

Men typically dismiss and minimize the importance of her complaints, and sometimes even tell her she’s being ridiculous, only to find her gone for good one day. I’ve seen this happen WAY too many times because too many men don’t take their woman’s STATED unhappiness seriously.

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They seem to think that as long as she stays, or better yet is willing to have sex with him, that must mean everything is OK and not a big deal. NO, women have had to put up for years with being treated like their wants and feelings are unimportant, and they have to just stuff them in order to keep the relationship going. This isn’t ALWAYS true of course, but it happens a lot.

I can’t tell you how many divorced men I’ve interviewed who have told me they were blindsided when she left him. Every time I would ask them, “Didn’t she ever tell you what she was unhappy about or what she wanted to change?” They would respond one of two ways: “No, I have no clue,” or “Not really, but if she did, it was always over stupid little ridiculous stuff that was no big deal.”

A lot of men have a real problem with LISTENING to women.

At the same time, a lot of women have a real problem with not telling their men what is wrong.

Nothing will ever get better if these two differences don’t get fixed.

I also know some men who are perfectly capable of listening, and women who are perfectly capable of saying exactly what is wrong. Those are the lucky ones who have figured it out.

Linda Culp

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